Fire & Steel

Get Ready for Battle!

If you find that you are fascinated by the age-old battle between good and evil – and if you like to
gamble on the side – then we have a solid new option for you. We recommend that you try out the
Fire & Steel slot game – a game that centers on the aforementioned battle. The designer of this
game is the company of BetSoft, which you may have heard about as one of the leading creators of
online gambling games in online casinos. Fire & Steel is one of the greatest achievements of this
company, and you ought to try it out.

fire & steel slotGraphics and atmosphere

The atmosphere of the game is that of the medieval age. There are two heroes of the game – and
BetSoft has even gone as far to create an epic introductory video to this game. You can check it out –
the video features the two heroes, the swordsman and the shieldmaiden, duking it out against a
fiery dragon. The swordsman gets nearly defeated by the dragon, and then the shieldmaiden comes
into play so that she can deflect the fire of the dragon with her shield. Then both the heroes yell a
mighty roar and go at it to face the dragon. In the game itself, you will be able to see both heroes at
all times, standing at the side of the slot itself.

Music & Sound

The music of the game will set the atmosphere right,and you will feel like you’re indeed amid an epic story on the battle of evil versus good. So, the story is set about right – there are many slot games that try to be larger than life – for example, you wouldn’t think that you’re saving the world if you’re playing a slot game. But the atmosphere can still set the tone right so that you will be able to enjoy the game that much more.

Symbols and bonus features

Fire & Steel slot is a game where there are different types of symbols, and all of them have their
ascribed value. You can check the pay table whenever you feel like it, so that you will learn more on
the symbols themselves. There are high value symbols, such as the crown and the shields, the
medium value symbols, such as the grail and the tome and the helmet, and there are lower value
symbols in the form of precious stones. The bonus feature comes in the form of the heroes of the
game making an appearance in the game. The swordsman will create a vertical beam upwards or
downwards relative to the position he’s in, and the symbols that come in contact with the beam will
turn wild. The shieldmaiden will do the same, but her beam will fly horizontally, to the left or right.
When the two beams cross their paths, you will get a bonus in the form of 10 free spins – and the
symbol at the place where the beams cross will turn into a sticky wild for the duration of the free

fire & steel slotFinal verdict on the Fire & Steel slot game

This is a really fun game that you will enjoy no matter who you are. If you can immerse yourself into
the story and atmosphere of the game, then you will enjoy it all the more so – but this is not even
necessary because of the fact that the game is fun in and of itself, even without the story and