Super Spins – Different types of Free Spins 2018

If you’re searching for different kinds of super spins or free free spins; read our casino units guide for more information on casino campaigns and other events. There are always casinos that have exciting campaigns live atm, so just pick and choose. Just keep in mind that you never know when the campaigns might disappear or change –  so don’t wait too long.

super spins

Super spins and Mega spins

Famous things have many names, and nowadays there are different kinds of Free Spins for you to enjoy. You may have heard of super spins, megaspins, or real spins? Basically, they all work the same way; but of course there are a few things that separate them. At many casinos you will encounter campaigns with mega spins and super spins. Both theese spins work just like free spins. The difference is that they have a higher coin value.

Free spins are preset at the lowest coin value in the game they apply to. Super spins and mega spins, on the other hand; are worth much more per spin. For example, you can get super spins worth 10 Euro or mega spins worth 60 Euro.

Because every spin is worth more; you’ll play with a higher bet, which means you can win a lot more with super spins and mega spins than you can with regular free spins.

Real spins

Have you ever heard of real spins? Real spins can have both high and low coin values; and just work like free-spins, super-spins and mega-spins. So what’s the difference? The difference is that real spins are free spins without sales requirements. And of course, it makes a big difference when playing slots.

When you win with real spins, you do not need to turn your profits into withdrawal wager. In other words, you can see real spins as a casino bonus without trading requirements. If you want to better understand how real spins work, you can read more about Free Spins and the like in our guide.

Free spins not always Free Money

Many think free spins equals as free money, and unfortunately it’s not true. All casinos offering free spins without deposit have sales requirements. Therefore, read the bonus terms before receiving free spins at a casino.

But even if you have received free free spins without deposit you can withdraw your winnings. First, you must play for your free spin winnings a certain number of times.