What to think about when reading bonus terms and conditions

Many of us do not like to read the terms and conditions for the bonus. It is a lot of text and we all think that no ones actually read this text anyway. In this post, we will tell you about a few things that can be good to know about bonuses. There are for sure more things than these to think about. These are the ones that came into my head today that I just wanted to share with your guys to reduce the risk of making the same mistakes as many other casino players.

Wagering Requirements

Most people are aware of wagering requirements. It means how many times you need to bet the bonus money in order to be able to withdraw your bonus. For example, if the wagering requirement is 50x and you got a £50 bonus you will have to have a turn over of £2500 before you are able to withdraw your bonus money.

Different wagering requirements for different games

On many casinos, you have different wagering requirements for different games. For example, table games do often no count when wagering your bonus. There might also be specific slots that are not included such as the jackpot like Mega Fortune. It could also be that some games count as 50% of your wagers. So for example on such one, you will need to have a turn over of £5000 on a £50 bonus with a 50x wagering requirements. This can dramatically change the way you want to play and many people are missing this.

bonus terms and conditions

Max Bets

Many casinos have a rule of how much you can bet on one spin. For example, if you have got free spins and got say £10 and are lucky to increase that money to £100 you are not allowed to make one spin for £100 even though it is technically possible. If you would win the jackpot at that time and not be able to withdraw your money you will be extremely angry but this is actually in most of the bonus terms and conditions that you can find out there.

Not able to play jackpot slots

On many gambling sites, you are not allowed to play the jackpot slots with your bonus money. If you are a fan of for example Mega Fortune or Mega Moohla, it might be a good idea to just deposit money without getting a bonus. Because if you win that big jackpot you might not be able to withdraw it.

So please read the bonus terms and conditions

After reading this we hope that you understand that it is important to understand these rules in order to know what you can and can not do. We have seen way too many players first getting lucky about a big when that they later can not withdraw. Do not become one of them. Play smart from the beginning.