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We will help you find the latest updates regarding new casino sites that have been released in 2021. On this website, you find an up to date list of new online casinos for UK players that are available in 2021. If you’re interested in the very latest games, our experts recommend that you check out all the new games that have been popping up. One common thing all new casinos have is that they have outstanding graphics and amazing welcome bonuses with free spins. Most new-comers also have great offers and fresh slots that will satisfy both new and old players. On the other hand, older casinos can be easier to understand since they usually have a more classic design. To be able to get you the absolute best experience just google new casinos or check out our updated list of new casino that has been launched in 2021. Be sure sort by the recently added so you can find the newest ones!

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Hard at work at New Casinos

new casino 2021Here at, we work daily to find, list, and test most new online casinos launched on the UK market. To be able to test and review as many new casinos in 2021 as possible, we get inspiration from that also works hard to present all the good UK brands for their players. Some new ones in the industry are for example Rizk, Larry Casino, Dunder, Codeta, Wunderino, Massive, Luckland & LiveLounge, and of course, you shouldn’t miss the new La Fiesta Casino – coming this summer.

The United Kingdom is no doubt one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to casino-games in a monetary form online;  it is obviously completely legal to play at all these gaming sites, and if they have their headquarters in the EU, this also means legally tax-free profits for you when playing from the UK.

The worldwide spread of the latest gambling and betting sites

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Find any new casino, wherever you are in the world, at

We are mostly focusing on the UK market on this page. However, players are into gambling and betting all over the world. Due to the licensing system, different sites are eligible in different countries. To be able to gamble in the UK, an online casino needs a license from the UKGC, as an example. However, British players living outside the UK are able to play at casinos with other licenses.

This results in many global comparison sites for online casinos. Coming to a new country, looking for new casinos may then be even harder than back home. Some really user-friendly sites geo-tag their visitors, making the listings perfect for each and every visitor. The best site for this is where you will have every single new casino customized from where you are playing at this very moment.

Finding new casinos 2021 like this is for sure the most modern way and clearly the most user-friendly. If you are looking for Canadian new casino sites, this is what will show. If you are in Germany, only new german casinos will show. No question about it, in 2021, this will be what online casino players are looking for!

Why play casino online anyway?

Playing at an online casino has never been as popular as it is today, both because you have a chance to win, but also because the games are incredibly captivating. The games available are often of a high standard, and just for a while, the player can disappear into a world of high entertainment-value and dream away. Thanks to the Internet, an online casino can offer its players more gameplay than any land-based casino can. On the Internet, you are not limited to space and therefore it’s easier to test new games to see if there is something that interests you. Today it is also common for you to be offered the opportunity to play live casino. This means that there is a real-time dealer with you the whole game. The classic games are always in new updated variants and they never go out of time.

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How to find New Casino Sites in 2021

The world of online gambling is blowing up. Many people decide to invest their money into creating their very new casino online. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a simple process, and business is booming. There are many new gamblers that wish to satisfy their cravings online, and not in the real world. So, it stands to reason that new online casinos spring up on a daily basis in the UK. But the fact of the matter is that no matter where you live, you will be able to visit these websites and play gambling games at them – provided that this is not by some chance illegal in the country where you live. We recommend finding some websites that have new casinos listed and update regularly. For example, Betting Kingdom was very early to report when Casino Superwins was released and also frequently give away no deposit bonuses. Some of our readers look for all types of new games. Here is a list of some of the best new video games to play in 2020. But easiest is to just use Google to search for both new video games and new casino sites.

Anyone, as the title suggests, we will provide you with a few clues about how you can find a new casino. The first clue lies in the fact that you won’t find this task difficult at all. As mentioned, business is booming for online casinos, and there are many new entries on the market every month. So, if you wish to find out about the new casinos, then all you will need to do is to make a Google search on the theme of “new casinos”. You will get the results that will give you the answer.

new casino sites 2021

The benefits of playing at new UK casinos

There are quite a few benefits of gambling at a new casino. The first one would be the novelty value. Even gambling can get stale if you play the same games over and over again. But the new casinos typically have a new take on the old formula, which in most cases is enough to spark up that feeling of excitement when you find a new gambling game that you can play.

The second benefit is that most of the new online casinos feature bonuses – and this should be well known to the hardcore gamblers among you. Whether it’s the sign-up bonus, or the first deposit bonus, or the second deposit bonus – you will see that there are many promotional offers that you can use up at the new online casinos. Check out for some of the most up to date offers in 2021. If you are into no deposit bonuses there are plenty of options to choose from. Here you find a list of no deposit bonus casino uk and other great offers. You can find more casinos at Casinorella if you can not find one that you like here.

Overview of Online Gambling in the UK

Gambling has been an important culture of British society & a favorite pastime of the Englishmen. Placing bets on races and sports events is not looked down on, unlike other countries. Many of history’s oldest bookmarkers were launched in the United Kingdom. While every nation has a different view on wagering, the UK is certainly the most permissive country with a powerful regulatory landscape. In a nutshell, the UK is a gambling abode for gambling devotees.

While all sorts of betting are legally and easily available in the UK, online gambling is a core part of the country’s economy. The cultural familiarity & country’s liberal attitude towards gambling provides a safe environment with safeguarding the interests of the players as well as operators. As time moves ahead, UK isn’t stuck in the 19th century, the subtle framework & legislation makes it the best place for hosting games & placing bets online.

Today, the gambling industry of the UK with a net worth of £15 billion has been flourishing with new technological advancements. The Brits have a wide range of choices when it comes to online casinos, online poker rooms, or bingo sites.

Rather than being restrictive, the Government relaxed the rules in 2014, allowing foreign operators to conduct business in the country. Therefore, if you are at least 18 years old, you can gamble legally. However, the legal age to play lottery games, scratch cards & football pools is 16 years. Moreover, players can wager without any license & enjoy tax-free winnings in the UK except professional gamblers.

Early Gambling Laws in the UK

Gambling is deep-rooted in the history of the UK. Both embraced & reviled through different periods, punters have witnessed the permission as well as a ban from gambling. While the Kings wrestled with their conscience, gambling was mostly a game for the rich. With the enactment of the Betting and Gambling Act, 1960, the first commercial bingo halls were allowed to operate in the UK. Initially, the bookmarkers were reluctant due to the restrictions, however, in the 1980s the betting houses increased with offering a comfortable environment.

The Gaming Act of 1968 laid the rules for the construction of commercial casinos with table games. The advent of the Betting and Gaming Duties of 1981 outlined the restrictions on the advertising of offshore gambling services in the UK. Today, numerous licensed casino sites are offering an unparalleled gaming experience.

The Emergence of the Gambling Act, 2005

The most notable gambling law in the UK is the Gambling Act, 2005 with the set of regulations to legalize the business of betting & protect the interests of the players especially children and other vulnerable parts of the population. The new laws permit free access to legal gambling for adults. The Gambling Act of 2005 created the Gambling Commission, a regulatory authority for all local gaming which issues & monitors gaming operators. Remote casinos are required to obtain a separate license for all betting activities. While the conditions to acquire the license may seem stiff, it keeps the industry as ethical as possible and lawfully conducts the business. With a concern for the well-being of residents, this powerful regulatory hope to overcome the barriers of the gambling industry in the UK.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)

The Gambling Commission runs under the laws governed by the UK Gambling Act, 2005. Today, all forms of gambling are regulated by the highly esteemed United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). No company or organization can legally provide any kind of betting service without the approval of the commission. The UKGB is the sole authority to issue a license to worthy applicants & revoke licenses from any operator.

The Gambling Commission aims to secure the online gambling industry & make it free from any crime or influence. It also applies to land-based gaming establishments. The stringent anti-money laundering policies with strict gaming standards, it makes sure players have a safe & healthy gaming environment. For the safest & tailored gaming experience, it is always advisable to stick with the online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Securing a license from UKGC

While gambling laws are often contradictory in other parts of the world, the UK is an exception. Any online casino operator must meet the UKGC standards to obtain a remote gambling license in the UK. The UKGC tests and audits the operators to ascertain they’re completely legitimate. The Gambling Commission has stringent rules when it comes to privacy, transparency, security & game fairness. Once a license is awarded to the operator, they are regularly monitored by independent authorities to ensure they adhere to the regulations.

The operators have to pay a tax of 15% on all profits by offering services to the UK players. If you see a UKGC logo, you can rest assured of the site’s credibility. Also, other online casinos licensing bodies that the UKGC accepts are the Malta Gaming Authority, The Cyprus Gaming Commission, The Curacao Gaming Control Board, The Gibraltar Betting & Gaming Authority & the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

The “Whitelisted” Gambling Jurisdiction

The Gambling Act 2005 prohibits all foreigners & those without a Gambling Commission License from advertising their services to the players of the UK. However, operators with licenses from a few jurisdictions are exceptions. Known as the “whitelisted gambling jurisdiction”, gambling services from these territories are permissible in the UK.

Currently, the whitelist includes:

  • European Economic Area (EEA) countries
  • Alderney
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Gibraltar
  • Tasmania
  • Isle of Man

To meet the requirements, the jurisdictions have to meet the requirements set by the Gambling Act, 2005 & need to be approved by the Representations to the Secretary of state. The Gambling Commission feels that the above jurisdiction has a strict licensing procedure & therefore allows operators to provide games for the UK players.

New Online Casino Games in the UK

The citizens of the UK have access to some relatively new games. Home to the world’s most popular lottery systems, the country is also home to several large casinos. The first-ever land-based casino, the Crockfords was established as early as 1823 in London. Gone are the days when “clubs” were the only way to play casino games, as online gambling surges, there are plenty of games offered by casinos to the Britons.

The UK gambling industry offers diverse forms of gambling to the public including casino games, sports betting, and slot machines. Players can easily access them on high-street as well as online from the gaming operators. For mobile casino players, the leading UK sites offer exclusive sites and apps to download for free. The best part is you can play the game at your convenience. Slots are the most popular form of games in online casinos. It’s easy to spot a gaming machine like slots, fruit machines & betting terminals in the UK. Apart from pokies or slots, the Brits enjoy playing a round of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker & keno on the go.

Recent Trends in the Online Gambling World UK

When it comes to the best real money online casinos, the UK is arguably one of the biggest gaming markets worldwide. There are numerous websites to choose from if you reside in the UK. According to recent studies, about 35 of the gambling population in the UK is between the ages of 25 and 34 years. The fairly young crowd is the one that prefers modern currency. The bets made online through a mobile device are expected to reach 70% in 2021. Mobile casinos appeal most of the players of the UK as it gives you the comfort & gives you access anytime anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

The live dealer casino games are among the latest trend in the online casino market. With a touch of human interaction, it tempts people to enjoy the game & play longer. Most of the UK casinos allow live streaming of blackjack, poker, baccarat, and other variants.

People these days no longer have the patience to stay glued to their computers for hours. Instead, the players prefer to take their game along with them. The British citizens can enjoy their favorite casino games while commuting, waiting in queues, or at breaks.  

New Online Casinos – The Best Preferred Platform for the British Players!

The shift towards online gambling in the UK is thriving with more number of players making the best of online casinos to play their favorite games. Be it a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, casino operators constantly launch exciting games supported by most of the platforms & operators. Online gambling is great fun with enticing new games. Most of the UK players enjoy playing in the comfort of their homes. Today online gambling is a more social activity. Yes! Online casinos allow players to interact with players around the world with live games.

The interesting features, fun daily challenges, bonuses & promotions are transforming how British gamblers spend their time online. With a clear & transparent law, players and operators in the UK host games in a secure & ethical way. The rules to obtain a UK gaming license assures UK players regarding the credibility of the online casinos. Online gambling today in the UK is more a fun form of entertainment rather than a restricted platform.

Popular Payment Methods in UK Casinos in 2021

While the UK is one of the few countries to adapt to the fleeting times & set a legal framework to regulate the online gambling market rather than curbing this activity. Whether you’re planning to bet online or decided to cast your net wider, a reliable deposit method comes to your rescue. Most UK-based casinos as well as offshore casinos accept the British Pound (GBP) currency. Casino players will always prefer the banking options which are safe and quick. Likewise, the online banking methods are so currently accessible to all the users without having to wait in a long queue in the bank.

UK players have access to the best banking methods. The most popular depositing method in the UK is Debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard & American Express. Easily the fastest payment option for the Britons, debit cards allow quick transfers with no extra account needed. Apart from debit cards, a safe modern way to make online payments is e-wallets. Common e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller & Skrill allow players to transact from their online casino accounts without divulging the crucial details.

Going by the latest trend in online casinos, cryptocurrencies provide an ideal combination of security & anonymity. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and several others are widely accepted as a payment method in online casinos.

Future of Online Gambling in the UK

Thanks to technological advancements, users can nowadays access entertaining & engaging online casino games with surreal graphics & user interface. The two things that drive the development of online casinos are technology & user experience. Virtual Reality (VR) technology offers players the chance to enjoy the thrilling game like the land-based casino without leaving the house. Online gamblers can play face-to-face with their opponents & chat with other players around the world. Many UK casinos have started providing this fully immersive & engaging experience with VR headsets.

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which analyses the player’s preference in-game selection offers suggestions according to their preference & saves the time of users. Today AI is also used in customer support. With an experience just like the real-life casino, smart devices like watches, cameras, and various devices with sensors are currently a part of the online casinos. The gambling experience in the future is going to be more immersive, engaging & enjoyable.

Finding the best new casino in 2021 for you

best new casino sites 2021You will need to delve a bit deeper than you would usually in order to find the best of the best. As mentioned new casinos spring up on a daily, but not all of them are top-notch world-class online casinos. And some of them may even be outright scams that will take your money. So, the Google search is one thing, but you will still need to invest additional time in checking out reviews for the new casino sites where you’d like to play, in order to really see whether any particular casino is worthy of your attention. And if you go through with this you will undoubtedly find the best new online casino where you will enjoy playing whenever you feel like it. Trust us, it’s not that difficult to find a casino where you will feel at home – so good luck in your search for a new casino 2021!