Mix Casino Gambling with Travel

Many of us love to travel. And to play casino. So, why not mix these two things up? When we, the people behind NewCasino.casino visit new countries, we always intend to visit a casino in the city. Even though online casinos is our forte, surely a land-based from time to time doesn’t hurt. We always read nice travelling articles and thetime.co.uk often gives us a nice mix of gambling and travel. Due to this, we want to give you some of our best options when it comes to travelling and playing at casinos at the same time.

Las Vegas – Of course

It goes without saying, we have to start with the casino city before all other ones. Las Vegas is, of course, mostly knows for their casinos but there are a lot of other nice things here as well. Top-class restaurants are waiting inside many of the hotels and if you are in the hunt for Michelin stars, this is the city to go to. On top of this, the first-class hotels are quite cheap and have great pool areas. For party people, Las Vegas has become a Metropol. The largest DJs around the world regularly visit the Sin City to play some of their biggest sets.

Monte Carlo – Luxury at its best

casino travelMonte Carlo is the main city of Monaco. This is a historical place for casino players and we have seen it in many James Bond movies for example. Just as well, the Formula 1 heat of Monte Carlo attracts a lot of people to the city. Low taxes make many famous (and just rich) people move here. However, the Monte Carlo Casino opened up 1863 and holds some of the highest tables for gambling.

After a nice day at a shopping spree, why not put on the tuxedo and feel like a movie star for a night?

Macau – Chinas version of Vegas

Macau might not be as known for Europeans as the other two cities mentioned above. But, this is the place where millions of Asians visit every year. Laying on an island just outside China and Hong-Kong, people love coming here to relax a bit and do some high-roller gambling. Plenty of different exclusive casinos waits for you in Macau. The Macau Tower, a 338-meter tall building is also known for having the worlds highest bungee jump. So, this is a city that suits adrenaline seekers of different kinds.