The growth of online casinos – Africa is up next!

For the last couple of years, we have seen a great increase in online casinos all over the world. However, most of them have been focusing on the European market as well as Australian. Lately, we have seen that US states are opening up for online gambling. Something we will look more into at another time. The rapid growth of casinos on the European market is surely due to the strong economy as well as infrastructure when it comes to broadband speed etcetera. This is, however, something that is growing a lot in Africa now as well. Why we see an increase in casinos and other betting sites there. Sites such as list many new African casinos and sports betting sites, which shows on how much this market is growing at the moment.

African casinos and betting sites

More and more Africa casinos are now available for players. Each and everyone has different licenses for being able to operate in different countries. Basically the same way as it is in Europe. Nigeria, Kenya, Angola and Botswana – along with South Africa – are the countries that are the most popular countries for operators right now.

online casinos africaJust as we see a lot of in Europe, different comparison sites now give African players the possibility to read reviews and compare different casinos and betting sites before choosing one. The higher number of different operators also results in better bonuses for the players. However, there are still some minor problems with online gambling in Africa, speaking in general terms. The internet connection is not as good as it is in the bigger part of the rest of the world, even though it is getting better and better. The African people also need to pay more for their data. Due to this, some online casinos in Africa offer free data on their site for their players.

Many game developers haven’t started to focus on this market yet, why the slot offers many times is worse than in European countries. Therefore, this type of casino games hasn’t gone as popular as in the rest of the world. Yet. This is something that surely will change soon, but in the meantime, the sports betting is huge, why many casinos in Africa aims to also offer a sports book.

This was some info about African online casinos and sports betting sites. We will soon discuss other markets and news!