Play UK Casino with great bonus offers

With a Play UK Casino that has a licensed in the UK, you can be safer than at other casinos. Especially if you have a UK passport and bank account this is the option you want to go for. It is the best choice if you live in the United Kingdom. During the last year, it has become increasingly difficult to find highly competitive bonus offers and the UK Gambling Commission are tough on marketing. In this article, we will describe some of the new type of bonuses and how they work when you want to Play UK Casino.

  • A welcome bonus is the most generous bonus because it is used to attract new players that will eventually turn into regular players. These bonuses have made new casinos very popular during the last couple of years. However, we can see a trend that there are not as many new casinos released as before. There is not that easy as before to just start a new casino and get going. You need a big budget and a competent team that work hard.

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  • Free Spins have now disappeared and is called used Spins. Due to the Gambling Commission regulation, you are not allowed to use the term Free Spins. There have been many different names for this type of bonus such as real spins, super spins, cash spins, spins, mega spins and so on. But they are basically all the same. What happens is that you get to spin the wheel of a slot machine for free. Sometimes you have to deposit money to get to use these spins and sometimes you can even get them without depositing any money. The reason why we think they are not allowed to be called free anymore is that they are not 100% free. When you have used them and perhaps won a little bit of money you need to wager that money like 20-60x before you are allowed to withdraw the money. In one way it is good that there are regulations on this but makes thing more complicated for the casinos.

Hope this information helps and that you now feel a bit more comfortable on how to behave and what to think about when you visit a play UK casino the next time. Remember to always read the bonus information and check out the terms and condition as well as the user policies so you don’t get into any surprises later.